How we work

What is an effective Web presence?

For your website to reach it’s maximum potential, it should…

Wrap up Web How We Work - Look Great

Look Great

Be visually appealing but not overly busy

Wrap up Web How We Work - Look Work Well

Work Well

Be easy to use and navigate

Fast Websites From Wrap up Web

Work Fast

Your website shut zoom along at all times

Wrap up Web How We Work - Promote


Shout out everything that's great about your business or organisation

Wrap up Web How We Work - Target


Focus on relevant users and/or potential customers

Wrap up Web How We Work - Socialise


Showcase your business or organisation via Social Media to promote your good reputation and provide up to date and engaging content

Wrap up Web How We Work - Respond


Still looks great on all devices such as Mobiles and Tablets and all Internet Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari

Wrap up Web How We Work - Get Found

Get Found

Appear in all the major search engine results when specific keywords or phrases are used

Wrap up Web How We Work - Report Back

Report Back

Report on its own performance to help identify where further improvements can be made

Wrap up Web How We Work - Stay Safe

Stay Safe

All Wrap up Web websites are built using a secure SSL certification, held on secure protected servers and regularly updated to ensure they run as fast and efficiently as possible

How can Wrap up Web help your business or organisation achieve an effective web presence?  

We build a website that is…

  • already Search Engine Optimised, to maximise your website’s exposure to search engines
  • easily managed and updated
  • hosted using secure, reliable and always available servers
  • preconfigured with Social Media integration such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds


Wrap up Web can also help with… 

  • domain name and server pointing
  • setting up your initial Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • writing your content to ensure it compliments your SEO
  • showing how to use your website to get the very best out of it


After your website has gone live Wrap up Web can continue to help with… 

  • ongoing optimisation of your website to ensure it is refreshed and relevant, so keeping it in full view of the search engines
  • creating new content and/or functionality/features to keep your website up to date and relevant
  • updating and reconfigure your website to use the latest available technologies to keep it in line with ever changing search engine algorithms


An effective web presence should generate genuine enquiries from both search engines and social media, therefore maximising the return on your online investment.

Whether you need a new website, an existing website updated, have a website that’s not ranking in the search engines, have a website that’s not pulling its weight or have lost your website presence for whatever reason, get in touch with Wrap up Web to find out how we can help your business or organisation.

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