Backlink Generation Guide 2022

One of the major factors search engines consider when identifying a quality online business is to check how many other online businesses/organisations are linking back to your online business/website. They look for links other sites have placed on their online businesses back to your online business. The more relevant, related and legitimate links the better.

Some companies will tell you they can improve your ranking by promising a ‘thousand’ backlinks in an instant for a set fee but beware, these are usually generated using websites build exclusively for generating links to your site. However, Google knows the difference between a generated backlink and a legitimate backlink.

Backlinks are also not considered quality backlinks unless they’re coming from a site with a higher authority than you.

Google is very good at detecting made up spammy backlinks as opposed to genuine articles.

Your website needs to be a tool for the business you are in, only then is it considered valuable.  It doesn’t matter how screamingly fast it is if it doesn’t serve a purpose.

Otherwise it just becomes a good looking shop window with a closed sign on the front door!

There are two main ways to get more backlinks and therefore improve your Search Engine Page Ranking. 

Backlinks from legitimate and related websites

This is done via a request which can be then be reciprocated eg “if you link to my building company from your building supply website, I’ll then link back to you”.

This way both of you get a backlink and it hasn’t cost you a penny. Note the words ‘legitimate and related’ however. There is not much point in asking a costume hire website to link to your building business as the two are unrelated.

Search Engines such as Google will see that as an unrelated link. Search Engines like to link related business together online because it helps their customers find what they are looking for, so if you have lots of lovely related/legitimate backlinks your ranking will be higher as a result.

Submit your business/website to online business directories

Another free(except your time) method to get legitimate backlinks. The Search Engines see the best Business Directories as a way of legitimising a business. It they see your business listed it the Business Directories it trusts it will help legitimise your business therefore improve your ranking.

There are lots of ‘fake’ business directories out there so be careful if someone asks you to pay a lot of money to be added to their directory(Except Foursquare – see below). All the best directories are initially free. Once signed up for free some of them will charge you to have your website domain address listed for example in the case of Scoot(see below)

Wrap up Web have collected a list of recommended free/pay business directories to register with.  They vary in the features but they will help increase your backlink presence therefore help improve your rankings in the search engines

Important considerations when submitting your business to a free listing in business directories…

  • Make sure you add a link to your website!
  • Don’t pay to get a listing, unless you really think it will pay dividends.
  • When registering, consider using an email address you don’t mind getting spam email in.
  • You’ll need a copy of your logo in jpg or png format.
  • If possible write unique content on every directory, rather than cutting and pasting from one script
  • After Free submittal you may be pestered to sign up to paid services. Resist unless you feel it might help. Your decision!

If you are busy Wrap up Web can submit your business to the Business Directories on your behalf.

Check your current Website Link Performance (Domain Authority)

Link building is important to achieve good positioning in Google. Building up a steady stream of high quality, relevant links gives you a better chance of ranking for your key terms by building up your domain authority

Your domain authority is measured from 1 to 100

A lack of high quality and relevant links to your website (low domain authority) means that the Google algorithm places less trust in your website than one with lots of links (high domain authority).

Website domain authority has a direct effect on Google rankings. The higher the authority the higher the ranking*

*combined with other proven SEO factors of course

Check your own Domain Authority here

Check first whether your business is already listed in some of the directories

Before submitting your business to any of the Business Directories it would be helpful to check first if your business is already listed.

This way you will save time only submitting to the directories that your business is NOT listed with.

You can use Moz Local to check your business against its database of business directories.

Pop in your business name and/or postcode and if your business is listed it will give you a score

Please note that MOZ is a commercial website that will seek to obtain subscription to submit your business to Business Directories, this service is not required unless you feel it would be beneficial. Also note not all business directories are monitored by Moz.

Social Media Backlinking

Getting Social Media backlinks are a great way to improve your website reputation.

Social Media posts should never stand alone if you have a website, they should link back to your website to join your Social Media presence with your online presence. This way as your inbound links increase so will your website reputation and therefore your Domain Authority and in turn your ranking in search results.

The more social media channels link back to your website the better your rankings will be on the search engines.

Most of the the social channels allow you to inbound link to your website. An important, and not-to-be-forgotten way of increasing the chances of someone discovering your website.

If you have a physical location, you can register with Facebook/Instagram which is great for location tagging to help you create social posts that are geographically associated with your business address.

A good way of further improving your rankings is to include your social media in your website by embedding a live feed such as Facebook or Twitter and/or having a link on each page for visitors to share your page across any social media channel they want to.

You can get people to link back to your website/online presence from…

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub
  • YouTube

What else is good for inbound linking?

Join up locally and regionally!

Join a Business Chamber make sure your online profile is complete.

Join a business networking group or online business community, making sure your business is well represented online. 

Join a Reputable Business Charter or Accreditation site associated with your business and ensure you maximise any online presence to include a backlink.

Look for other local online business directories that serve your local area, or your specific industry in particular. These could include such as a Regional Business body or organisations which are geographically located around your business.

There may be other local community projects, charities or local organisations that you could join. 

Profiles are free to sign up for as long as your business fits. If you are a builder for example, there could be construction forums and directories, if you are in accounting, there could be financial directories you will be able to join… etc. Only join something that is related to your business.

Speak to Marketing and Public Relations

Speak to marketing and PR and get your business profiled on other online blogs or website pages related to your business.

Generating a bio of your business or an interesting story related to your business for example in a local online newspaper will give you the opportunity to link back to your online presence.

Any news online is good news when it come to creating inbound links.

Create Engaging Content

Your website should provide the best content on your area of expertise — period.

People are always looking for engaging, authoritative articles and trustworthy answers to their questions.

Writing high-quality content for your site begins with your unique ideas or distinctive take on a particular topic. Good regular content with your keywords is essential. But it also means presenting these ideas in a well-structured and accessible manner. This will help you attract the audience you’re looking for and keep them engaged. In turn they will link back to your website to share your content with others therefore increasing your inbound links further.

Google likes the answers to relevant questions people are asking. If you can answer some of the questions potential customers are asking you stand to get good ranking.

“Frequently asked questions” is a great way of achieving this.

When you’ve written your fab content don’t forget to use Google console to get your new content indexed. 


AdWords are helpful if you are competing with lots of other businesses in the same area and need a way to compete by getting your business at the top of the natural listings at the expense of others. They help increase the number of inbound links to your website.

If you’re selling a product online using AdWords are good for SEO because they help monitories your website.

Paid backlink generation?

Please take a look at this page re paid backlinks

Then this one

There are generally 2 types of SEO; White Hat and Black Hat

White Hat which is what we do at Wrap up Web, is legitimate Google friendly SEO using natural backlinks and quality page content

Black Hat is generally SEO that tries to fool Google into thinking links are trusted and legitimate ie Google Ranking backlink deception. This is what the paid backlink generation providers do.

Generally quality content and quality backlinks are the 2 main factors in ranking high however content is fast becoming more of a priority over backlinks. So that means large pages of content that is relevant, unique and make sense and backlinks to that content from trusted and legitimate sources is the way forward.

As the first video says Black Hat can work but is a risk you will have make a decision on yourself. Wrap up Web cannot recommend any providers of paid backlinks because this is not our area of work.

Contact us however if you need a quote for completing White Hat SEO as a one off or a regular monthly cost.