Google Ranking

How do I get my business to appear in the Google Rankings?

This is not a quick one shot process. However, to put it as simply as possible you follow 3 steps..

STEP 1 – Natural Listing

Optimise your website to appear in the natural listings.

STEP 2  – Pay Per Click (Optional)

Pay for a Business Advert using PPC (Pay Per Click) eg Google AdWords

STEP 3 – Build Trust and Reputation

Build Trust, reputation and credibility then in turn good Authority


STEP 1 – Natural listing

This is where you get found using keywords/phrases that users have typed into the search engine box. This results in your business ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), preferably the 1st or 2nd pages at least.

If your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is good then you should appear in these results. 

How do Wrap up Web get my business ranked in the natural listings?

Wrap up Web will get your website as far up the naturals listings as possible before assisting with PPC.

Here are some of the tasks we complete to ensure your website gets found in the major search engines.

  • Submit and link your website to Google Analytics
  • Submit and link your website to Google Search Console
  • Submit and link your site to to Google Business (Google Maps)
  • Keyword placement/Insertion into Page Title, Page Description, Page Content,
  • Ensure all images have an Alt Text description
  • Ensure your site is fully responsive on all devices: Google now prioritises a mobile website over a desktop site when it comes to ranking
  • Secure your website with SSL
  • Build Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Ensure content is following the recommended H1/H2/H3/H4/H5/H6 page Headings structure
  • Create and apply a Favicon
  • Enable Email address clocking
  • Enable Google ReCaptcha to protect forms from Bots
  • Embed your Social Media into the website
  • Provide an SEO website report proving good SEO implementation
  • Set up monthly SEO email reports from Google Analytics to clients


STEP 2 – Pay Per Click (Optional)

PPC(Pay Per Click) eg Google AdWords is where you pay the search engine to display your Business Advert before or after the natural listings based on how much you are prepared to pay per click. It’s like an auction where you bid a price for the Keywords/Phrases that when typed in by a user will then display your Business Advert.

The more you pay the more likely you are to have your advert displayed. There is no guarantee you will appear at the top, if you pay more money you simply appear more frequently.

Which is best, Natural listing or PPC?

Both work. However, Natural listing Search Engine Optimisation is essential if you want to rank at all in the Search Engines and in some cases is enough for most small business.

Should I pay for PPC?

That’s a choice you need to make as a business and depends on the competition out there and how many business are also competing to get their Ad displayed over yours.

PPC is optional and has NO bearing on the natural listings!


STEP 3 – Build Trust and Reputation

After your website has been Search Engine Optimised SEO does not stop there. If you want to continue to rank as high as possible in search results you will need to improve your trust, reputation and credibility.

This can be done by..

  • Encouraging and asking for positive online reviews, for example Google My Business Reviews (Google Maps) Trustpilot or TripAdvisor reviews
  • Keeping your website up to date with relevant, helpful and engaging content
  • Regularly posting news or a blog
  • Ensuring your website is secure and is working as fast as it can
  • Regularly posting on Social Media to increase Facebook Likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers YouTube subscribers for example
  • Acting upon any Search Engine reports that highlight errors or 404 Page not Found
  • Putting in place a backlink campaign to increase your Domain Authority
  • Submit your website to Business Directories


SEO Disclaimer

Some SEO tasks take an indeterminate amount time for the resulting SEO improvements to be reflected in search engines. Wrap up Web has no control over the period of time it takes search engine providers to reflect changes performed by Wrap up Web.

Wrap up Web gives no guarantee of ranking results in search engines. We ensure every possible task has been completed to increase the chances of keywords/phrases ranking as high as possible without the use of PPC(Pay Per Click)

Please note, access to Google accounts used to complete SEO is dependant on whether a client or Wrap up Web’s Google Account is used to configure Google Analytics/Google Webmaster integration.