Common FAQs

Building a great looking website is only the start, building an effective Web presence takes time and close collaboration with the client.

Estimated time to complete needs to not only take into consideration design and build timescales but also factor in a reasonable assumption of the time required to collect information from the client.

Some companies offer ‘Free’ websites. However, as soon as you need to go further than the standard design, make certain changes or are wondering why you can’t be found in Search Engines then you’ll suddenly find there will be a charge to sort that out.

Here at Wrap up Web, every part of the Web presence build is inclusive so can be configured to maximise customer visitors right from the start.

Wrap up Web will ensure your website is 100% optimised for the search engines so ensuring it ranks as high as possible.

To do this we ensure your website satisfies all the requirements that Search Engines need to find you. We have a process that ensures your website is fully optimised for all search engines.