Search Engine Optimisation

At Wrap up Web we take a step by step approach to SEO ensuring your website is 100% optimised for the search engines.

How do we optimise your website?

Test your current SEO

If you have an existing website that is not ranking high and/or appearing in Search Engine results, we can find out how your website is currently performing by using an online SEO tester such as

This is the Wrap up Web SEO score using SE Optimer…

Wrap up Web SEO Review SEOptimer

Collate your Keywords/Phrases

Keywords/Phrases that you’d like people to find your website by when performing a search.

Here are some Wrap up Web Keywords/Phrases

  • seo liverpool
  • seo st helens
  • seo merseyside
  • web design liverpool
  • web design merseyside
  • website design liverpool
  • website design st helens
  • website design merseyside

You want your website to rank as high as possible in Search Engine results when people use your Keywords/Phrases to find services you provide.

Build you a website that is Search Engine ready

Wrap up Web always build websites that are Search Engine Optimised. We use the latest SEO compatible technologies and ensure your website is fast and secure. These factors coupled with relevant and engaging content that include your Keywords/Phrases all help improve your ranking in the search engines. 

For more information on how we build our websites visit our How We Work page.

Build in your Social Media

A critical part of any online presence, Wrap up Web will ensure your website is embedded with all your Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Social Media integration and user engagement is key to improving your rankings in the search engines.

Connect to the Search Engines

All Wrap up Web websites are connected to Google Search Console and Google Analytics and include Google Site Kit so you have the latest data on users right there in the website.

Help is also at hand to set up your Google My Business account (Google Maps).

We can also connect to other Search Engines such as Bing.

Test your SEO again

We find out how your website is performing after its build by using the same online SEO tester again such as

Google Ranking

Once your website is Search Engine Optimised you’ll be wanting to rank in Google as high as possible but how is this best done?

Ranking in Google explained