Our Services

Search Engine, Social Media and Content Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a technical and creative process to improve the visibility of a website in search engines, with the aim of driving more potential customers to it.

What is a successful SEO Strategy?

Get relevant. Get trusted. Get Popular.


Our simple SEO checklist

  • Identify valuable searcher(user) intent opportunities ie what users are hoping to find or discover
  • Identify the audience & the reason for your page - No reason for a page No point having the page
  • Write useful content. Use related terms in your content. Use plurals. Use words with searcher(user) intent like buy, compare. Try to get a keyword or related term in every paragraph.
  • Use emphasis sparingly to emphasise the important points in the page wether they are your keywords are not
  • Pick an clever Page Title with your keyword in it
  • Write an intelligent meta description, repeating it on the page
  • Add an image with user centric understandable ALT attribute text
  • Link to related pages on your site within the text
  • Link to related pages on other sites
  • Have a simple Google friendly page URL
  • Keep it simple
  • Share it and big it up

How do we maintain good SEO?


Pick the most profitable keywords for your site to optimize your pages against those used by your competition

Rank Checking

Monitor website rankings for your targeted keywords and compare them to competitors

SEO Analysis

Analyse on-the-page and off-the page SEO factors on your site and fine-tune your landing pages for high search engine rankings and conversions

Web Analytics Integration

Compare your website Google Analytics data with your competition

Optimise Content

Reword and submit your web content to the search engines, niche and local directories, social networks and content sharing sites


Monitor and correct technical errors such as broken links and anchors, server/domain name issues, etc. that could negatively affect your rankings


Ensure your backlink profile is clean and inline with the latest search engine guidelines

Website Design and User Performance

Ensure the design and User Experience(UX) of your website is optimised and flows in line with SEO best practice


Use the latest available tools to compare and monitor SEO performance against those of your competitors


Ensure your website has all the required technical elements in place and working correctly that enable good SEO such as Site Maps, Google Analytics, Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, robots.txt, Disallow etc

How do we make sure your websites is found?


  • add your site to Google Analytics
  • add your site to Google Webmaster
  • ensure your business is listed on Google My Business
  • create and submit xml site maps to Google
  • create and submit robots.txt file to Google
  • integrate Social media into your site
  • submit your site to local business listings
  • install and configure Joomla admin SEO application JSiteMap Pro
  • install and configure Joomla admin SEO application sh404SEF
  • setup and configure basic homepage meta tags and H1 and H2 headings

How do you know if your website is performing well?


  • send you a full monthly report giving your website a score out of 100 and listing any issues that need addressing
  • send you a monthly report from Google Analytics showing how well particular keywords are performing