About Wrap up Web

Why choose Wrap up Web?

Wrap up Web can provide your business or organisation with a web presence that fits your needs.

Here at Wrap up Web we pride ourselves on listening to our customers to find out exactly what they need and just as importantly what they don't need. We won't recommend something unless it's good for your business. 

Once your website is built you can choose to take complete control of your website or let Wrap up Web update it for you using our Managed Service support. We will discuss with you up front how to get the very best out of your web presence.


Wrap up Web began life as RED Information and Computing in 2001 and was originally set up as teaching and training resource for students. The owner of the site was asked to build other websites for colleagues and friends and so the seeds of Wrap up Web began.

In 2005 RED IC became 'Manage My Website Online' and continued to build up its customer base. In 2015 'Manage My Website Online' became 'Wrap up Web'.